Get a digital presence
with an e-commerce

with your brand With your own domain Fully customized B2B / B2C Cloud-native APIFirst Pay per use artificial intelligence


Microservices architecture

Our microservices architecture allows us to have a CORE API First ecommerce with more than 800 REST APIs to integrate with any software you have installed, providing a flexible and agile way to create new virtual shopping experiences.

Pay per use

The platform is paid for the traffic it obtains, based on the metric “Google Analytics Pages Visited”. It is not charged per transaction made in it.


Customize your screens however you want, integrate new channels and design unique shopping experiences through our headless ecommerce feature.


With our platform you don't have to worry about the scalability and reliability of your e-commerce. Deployed in the cloud, our solution allows you to grow globally without worrying about hardware needs when loads increase. We provide automatic scaling when you have peak demand and ensure that the availability of your ecommerce is not a problem through our SaaS service.

Artificial Intelligence at the service of your e-commerce

Our platform is unique in providing fully integrated AI modules. Identify the product that your customer wants to buy through our computer vision module. Get behavioral user groupings with unsupervised AI algorithms to deliver an increasingly personalized experience to your customers. Get demand predictions with our supervised algorithms so you can organize your production processes and even distribute before your customers buy. Our E-Commerce platform offers you these AI solutions to take your organization to another level.



- Management of payment method options: card payment, store payment, etc
- Integration to any payment platform. .


- The distribution cost is calculated based on the distance between the distribution center and the place specified by the customer for delivery, the weight of the merchandise to be distributed, and whether or not it requires unloading of the material at destination. can register all their branches and distribution centers.


- Order qualification form.
- Visualization by store of your qualifications.
- Display by the franchise manager of the ratings of all in a country.

4. REPORTS AND dashboards

- Percentage of fulfillment of delivery by store and by zone.
- Users by province, city, sector.
- Number of emails sent.
- Products visited by date.
- Visualization of claims reports by franchise or a group of franchises.


- User creation: customers can create their own user for the e-commerce platform with an email to validate the email account and activate it. The platform offers as an alternative to use the username and password of Facebook or Google.
- Administrator user for each store: this type of user is created together with the registration of each store and allows each of them to manage their data.
- There is a super user responsible for the franchise on the platform who will have access to the information and reports of the entire platform. user is the only one enabled to create a store administrator user and to view platform reports. .


- Product order manager for end users. The order manager manages order drafts so that the user can leave the order incomplete to complete it at another time and complete the payment.
- Inbox manager of orders to be delivered for each store.


- Mobile push notification platform (notifications that do not require having the mobile application open) with support for Android and IOS indicating to store administrator users that they have a new order to deliver.
- Mobile push notification platform (notifications that do not require having the mobile application open) with support for Android and IOS indicating to the user's mobile that their order has changed its distribution status.
- Notification platform via emails indicating to the store administrator user that a new order has arrived.
- Notification platform via emails indicating to the customer the change in the status of their order.
- Notifications via email to customers who have not completed their order after the passage of a certain time parameterizable on the platform by the franchise administrator to complete their order.
- Management of email template to send for new user, new order, order status change and abandoned cart reminder.


- Creation of SEO for brands, categories, subcategories, sub-subcategories.
- Specification of keyboard and html per product in the e-commerce admin.
- Creation of friendly, dynamic and modifiable URL from the e-commerce admin.
- Creation of URL for each franchise.
- Administrator of promotional banners for the website and the mobile application for the complete platform and/or for retailers, specifying the start and end time of their display, keywords associated with the banner and searches.



  • Qualify the point of sale service.

  • Consult history of orders and times.

More information?

  • Complete claim form.

  • Check the order distribution status.

  • Select online payment with multiple integrations or payment in store.

  • Select the point of sale to withdraw the product or if you want its distribution.

  • Modify the shopping cart before purchasing.

  • Access the product catalog.

POS / Store:

  • View the history of orders and their response times.

  • Login as store administrator user.

More information

  • Manage prices. delivery costs, product availability, stack, delivery SLA.

  • Respond to an order for materials that comes to you by changing your distribution status.

  • Have notifications via email with requests for orders made by customers.

  • Access the options of orders to distribute, history and qualifications received.


  • Manage payment method information and integrations.

  • Configure tax components for each product.

More information

  • Configuration of reminders via mail.

  • View reports of: Sales by province, city and sector. Sales per store. Average delivery times. Percentage of compliance. Number of products sold Users Number of emails sent Products visited by date.

  • Manage: Banners by franchise or for all categories, subcategories, products and SKU Minimum and maximum prices Stock by franchise Promotions with start and end date by country or franchise/store.

Service Offer:

e-commerce platform Software as a Service:

Hardware, software and networking required to ensure high availability (99.6%). We have an architecture that allows us to increase the allocated resources when demand increases.
More information
- High availability infrastructure for sending notification by email (SMTP Agent). - Content cache infrastructure to optimize response times. - 7x24 support via e-mail. - Information security and prevention of cyber-attacks. - Continuous monitoring. - Contingency site with infrastructure that ensures the continuity of the platform's operation. - Package of 200,000 page views per month (metric called "Number of page views" obtained from Google Analytics). - Package of 10,000 email shipments per month.

Content Management

This optional service consists of the provision of resources for content management with a 2-hour first response SLA on business days and business hours. This includes the management of platform information such as product updates, categories, prices, banners and promotions.

Graphic design

This optional service consists of the provision of resources for the graphic design of banners and images for the platform.


Partner with e-fourex and offer an exponential, innovative and unlimitedly scalable product to your customers.

Advantages of joining

We seek that the solutions of both companies manage to expand globally.

  • Increase your company's income through a fully integrable platform.
  • Address the needs of your customers so they can get a product that helps them be exponential and disruptive.
  • Get joint collaboration and training during the sales process.
  • Achieve visibility of your company in our media at a global level.
  • The platform use the system Pay per Use. We will not charge you for the number of transactions.

We seek that the solutions of both companies manage to expand globally.

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